Even experienced players sooner or later ask themselves which game kind is the best one. Some gamers relish Blackjack or Roulette during the entire gameplay, the others always seek for something new and fresh. Yet, guess there is no one who hasn’t tried slots at least for once.

This road is no turning back. As soon as you make the very first spin, that is it. You already belong to the group of pokie lovers. The amusement is so one-of-a-kind and entertaining that even card game adherents relish it once in a while. Wanna learn about the fun more? Today we will reveal some facts from the 5 reel free pokies history, be sure.

5 Reel Pokie Slots: History Facts

You have definitely heard that the world of virtual pokie machines includes not only 3 reel, but also 5 drum alternatives. How did that happen? Let us analyze the topic in the most detailed way, going back to its history and ending up with the inner privileges. At the long last, only having learned all the facts, you can be sure you know everything about your future leisure.

First Launch

It is hard to imagine, but the very first machine was created in 1891. Not less than 2 centuries ago! That event took place in New York, yet, the innovation with automatic payouts was established somewhen between 1887-1895. And though the first video slot launched by IGT had 3 reels in 1970s, today, the most popular titles include 5 reels only.
5reel free pokies history

Bonuses and Features

Oh, this topic deserves a separate review, to tell the truth. Online pokies know the path to gamblers’ hearts. And that began in 1996, when WMS software provider was the first one to produce a slot with an additional screen for bonus rounds. This machine is called Reel’Em and can still be found at numerous online portals. That is when the pokies’ popularity grew up.

RTP & Hit Frequency: Then and Now

The return to player percentage is the data, which demonstrates how much a player can get from this or that game. This is not a secret that online casinos also make money on your gameplay, that is why, you won’t get surprised when seeing that a part of your wins belongs to the portal.

Slot machines are based on chance totally. You can’t influence on the result of the round, cause everything comes with Random Number Generator. Yet, the gambling houses present more and more entertainments of the kind, cause even in the 19th century, the 75% of casinos’ income were the responsibility of pokies.

Modern Slot Pokies with 5 Reels

Today, slots become a kind of leisure. They entertain, make you forget of your daily things, help to relax, etc. However, the modern tendencies show that online alternatives of the amusements are more popular, cause they don’t require you to leave your home, you can play from anywhere you want.

Besides these privileges, there are also numerous others coming with interface, inner benefits, built-in modern technologies, etc. And each new feature makes virtual players take more and more spins.
history of 5 reel free pokies

Design and Animation

Modern pokies do not present regular icons of Heart, Bell, Seven, Cherry, etc. Instead, you will meet characters of various famous movies, legends, celebrities, cartoon, comics, animals, etc. Each theme is unique and bring a different kind of pastime with it.

Along with that, you are to observe video animations when striking a winning combination. Then, you can observe the pokie heroes jumping and being happy for you. And in case the concept is built on a certain movie, you may watch a fragment as a sort of encouragement.

Extensions for Bigger Wins

Additional wins is another profit of actual slot machines. The things do not end with your symbol combinations caught. You can hit some special icons, which are powerful enough to activate extra rounds. Such alternatives include Free Spins, Bonus Games, Gamble, Multiplier, Stacked & Expanding Wilds, Progressive prizes, etc.

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