Terms & Conditions

For every visitor, customer or user of the site, we provide some rules to follow and obey. The actual article includes the Terms and Conditions established by IAGO. The principles are equal for everyone, regardless of the location, account level, etc. Also, as you keep using the service of our website, we consider it as your agreement with the rules. In case you are not aware of the current document, it doesn’t mean the facilities don’t extend to you.

Site Usage

The site usage is free and doesn’t include any obligatory steps, such as registration or more. Not requiring your private data, we simply want to inform you about the abstract strategy games and the way of beating online casinos. We also provide a Clubhouse and our service for ranking and records.

Herewith, we can’t take any legal responsibility for the errors in our materials. You should understand that a gameplay is unpredictable and we provide the data about in general, not giving a guide for your personal experience. But you can visit our Clubhouse, either online or offline, and many things will become closer to you.

Content Update

All the articles of the site, including this document, are updated and moderated constantly. We try to improve our content providing some new points, deleting the old information and offering mode convenient facilities. Though, we do not send notifications about the updates, that is why, you should keep up with the pages to be aware of the changes.

Site Rules

Every user of IAGO is to follow all the rules mentioned above, our policy and the presented terms:

  • No false, harassing, inaccurate, or hateful comments, harmful or threatening information can be posted via our service.
  • Do not address in any harmful or disrespectful way to our support service operators.
  • We do not allow to post any statements that promote or advertise other companies.
  • All the dialogues conducted within the communication with our customer support are confidential and private. We do not share the information with any third party.
  • Once we detect some violation of the rules, we are entitled to close your account or ban the access to the site.

Third Party Material

Reading the articles of our site, you are to notice some external links redirecting you to other services and pages. Please, mind that our terms and conditions do not extend to other sites. You are to learn the facilities of the server you visit separately. IAGO is not responsible for the actions and consequences that may take place in such cases.

All Rights Reserved

Every text written and posted on the current website is created by our experts and professionals. The content is unique and copyrighted by IAGO site. Representing our experience, researches and examinations, the information becomes not valid for the others’ usage.

We do not allow anyone to copy the texts, use them with any commercial or merchant aims. Doubling the intelligence is illegal and goes against the current rules and principles. We may deny the requests for some content removal at the sole discretion unless it is considered as false, hateful, vulgar, or obscene.

Customer Service

Learning some points about abstract strategy games, taking part in the clubhouse, reading some info about the gamers, casinos and games, there may occur some queries sooner or later.

We understand that the presented data can be not enough for you, or something is described in the way that is not clear to you. Please, if there is something, feel free to contact us through adam.andeerson@gmail.com email address. Our experts are always there to help you.

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