Pokies in Australia – Legal Hobby

According to the latest researches, Australians are the most venturesome nation. The citizens of the Green Continent spend on chance-taking $1300 in a year, which is more than in any other country. Just here there is the biggest concentration of land-based poker machines (or free pokies) per every inhabitant. And what about legal online pokies without deposit?

Many Aussies spend hours in virtual casinos trying their fortune. So they wonder whether it is legal what they like to do in their spare time. Are there some fines or taxes for such “hobby” or is it possible to make bets without any fear? Looking ahead, we say that yes, games are permitted for players in Australia, but there are some important points to be aware of.Pokies for Aus - Free

Acts and Policies

Because of big influence on material and in some cases psychological well-being of inhabitants, all kinds of staking are under Government’s control. The question about legalization of hazard games has always been a reason of disagreement between authorities and remains so till now.
Today there are two fundamental legislative documents that contain rules of any activity connected with real and virtual kinds of thrilling in the territory of the country: Casino Control Act and Interactive Gambling Act (IGA).

Casino Control Act 2006

Casino Control Act was enacted in 2006 not to forbid gambling business in the Green Continent, but to protect the rights of both providers and gamers. It regulates the organization and operation of betting houses, establish requirements for the owners and employees, equipment used in gaming process (tables, slot machines, roulette and so on), the order of receiving and payment of a license. In other words, it helps to take under control all activities in continent’s real playhouses.

CASINO - Legal Pokies

Policy and Regulation, 2001

Development of online thrills, and with it – increasing of gambling addiction, causes an urgent need to limit citizens’ access to services which provide different hazard entertainments. So the Interactive Gambling Act was issued in 2001. It prohibits the provision of interactive staking and its advertising, which means that it is illegal to offer online versions of poker, blackjack, roulette and real time stakes within Australian borders. However, this law does not limit the actions of the players who can make wagers without any risk to be punished by law.
As for providers, they can offer their services to the citizens of other countries, as well as Aussie can become the clients of foreign operators.

Any Additional Taxes?

Legal providers of online amusements for Australians or foreigners have to pay tax, fixed by the Government. The sum of income from such industry varies in every state, but on the average it is 10% of the country’s budget. But what about risk-lovers? The only thing they should know about taxation law is that the winnings are not taxed. Playing interactive entertainments is defined as a hobby, not a profession. Money earned in virtual room is rather a matter of luck, but not a stable income. So there is no reason to worry about taxing.

80% of Australians Play Casino

Aware of the loyal policy, it becomes clear why so many Aussies spend their time in casinos – real or virtual. Over 80% of the population enjoys internet free pokies. It is one of the favorite ways to relax, have fun and spend weekends for most citizens.

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