Classic 3 Reels – The History of Pokies

Free pokies machines are familiar to all today, they have fairly simple rules of the fun. If you at least once in life have managed to hit the jackpot and take home a large sum of money, you just can’t be indifferent to slots. It’s not so easy to forget the adrenaline and joy of winning. However, how did they appear? What is the history of 3-reel free pokies games? Let’s find out!

How Did They Appear

The first machines, similar to today’s ones appeared in the late 19th century. An early predecessor of well-known pokies was mechanical 5-reels poker technology created in the USA. In the case of winning in this game, thrill seeker got valuable prizes, such as free cigars or alcohol.

One-Armed Bandit

However, Mr. Fey invented the first slot «Liberty Bell». This invention brought its author a big income and success. The amusement was popular even after the banning in several states. Fey still has had many orders for their manufacturing. Furthermore, American developers copied his amusement. Therefore, in the early 20th-century, a businessperson from California created the same entertainment. Usually, cigar shops, alehouses, public houses and hairdressers used them in their premises. Subsequently, they were called one-armed bandits. Due to the simplicity, “bandit” became really famous among thrill seekers.

3 Reel Free Pokies

How to Play

First pokies were extremely simple, they had three reels, which were covered with images of card suits and different symbols, such as a star, a horseshoe, etc. The thrill seeker tried to get winning combinations of these cards. There was a special character of the Liberty Bell – if three symbols appeared on the screen, the gambler received the highest payouts, namely a jackpot of 10 nickels. In a short while, Fey improved his idea by adding fruit characters and it became even more popular.

Random Number Generator

Most people think that staking houses can cheat gamblers and falsify symbols or think that players can use strategies, which will help them to hit the jackpot. Maybe in the past it was possible. But it is not true, at least now, because poker machines use the technology of random number generator, which is their “brain”. Combinations appear by chance that’s why there is only some advice, which will help you in the entertainment, but nobody can outwit these apparatuses, which using a special formula generate thousands of combos per second.

Pokies with 3 Reels Free

Three Reel to Five Reel

Over many years, creators have continued improving free pokies’ characteristics, but they still have been in the old three-roll format. However, with the development of video slots, risk-lovers got an opportunity to play in five-reel version, which provides better graphic, more paylines, winning combinations and better gameplay.

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