Privacy & Cookie Policy

The current document includes the Privacy and Cookie Policy presented by IAGO for all the visitors and site customers. Here is a guide informing you about the intelligence we require, how we collect it, save and use. The acceptance of the rules takes place automatically when you continue to be with us using the service.

The policy is not constant and can be changed on occasion. IAGO does not send a notification about the modification or updates. That is why, each visitor should recheck the page once in a while and watch for alternation. This is implemented with the aim to accomplish the conditions and make them more convenient for the consumers.

Privacy Policy

The International Abstract Games Organization offers here some articles about gambling, its attributes, ways to win, and more. Within the site, we do not ask you to enter your direct information, register an account, or anything connected with data sharing.

However, taking part in our Clubhouse and using other services, except for reading the surveys, you may be required to enter your name, country, age, email address, etc. Herewith, we guarantee the safety, prevention of misuse, and illegal actions. We also recommend you to keep the intelligence in secret and not reveal it even to your close friends.

How Long We Store the Data

The intelligence about you as an IAGO member is kept up to the moment you delete the account. We do not preserve the points for longer than it is required. The email address of yours will be also deleted as soon as you unsubscribe from our newsletters and stop using our site and service. You can learn more details contacting us through our email address.

When We Share the Info

Some privacy information of yours can be shared only in case of the international request sent by legal bodies outside the EU. Naturally, before the data disclosure, we examine the request, its targets, and the authoritative party. In case you have any doubts, hesitations and questions, welcome to get in touch with our customer care service anytime.

Cookie Policy

Right on the entry to the site, you can notice a popup window informing about the activated Cookies. There is a slight description with reasons and a link to the current document. As you click ‘Accept’ button and go on using the site and reading the articles, it means you agree with the policy and are ready to obey the principles.

Being small pixels, they are saved on your computer and used by IAGO when needed. With the aid of the info, we are able to remember some actions and liking of yours. You don’t have to reenter the username and password every time launching the site, as we save the data and make the access faster.

Why We Need HTTP Cookies

Cookies are created to help sites improve their content, simplify the usage and make it more convenient. Using advertising, storage and essential cookies, we examine your IP address, language, device, how long you stay on a certain page, understanding your preferences and interests. Such pixels aim to data collection, analysis and appropriate implementation of developments.

How to Deactivate Cookies

The option is not obligatory, but desirable. And in case you don’t want us to harvest the information about your activity, analyze your usage, and more, you can easily deactivate cookies. For this very reason, you can enter your browser Settings and disable the option or even delete everything collected before that moment. Still, we remind that the feature is dedicated to your benefits, and it’d be better if you keep the alternative active.

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