About Us

The International Abstract Games Organization is a non-profit company that is registered in New York, United States. The site is dedicated to abstract strategy games and act like a coordinating body. We inform all the visitors about some gaming trends, hacks, planning, etc.

We understand that the Internet is crowded with multiple sites offering their intelligence about casinos and games. However, reading the articles of ours and taking part in the events, you can see the difference. We hope that with us, you will get the world of casino games and make it all clear.

Who We Are

The name of the corporation was suggested within the usenet newsgroup by Bill Taylor. It refers to a character of Shakespeare – Iago. The hero is cunning and scheming, and the association, in its turn, aims to implement and promote the play form for abstract strategies.

Our Targets and Views

The gameplay procedure includes both drama and tension, as everything happens in the real-time mode, with no chance to predict the results and outcomes. That is why, the interest in game planning grows up, making casino runners have a plan ‘B’ in case the course of the leisure goes in the wrong way.

Your Benefits

All we do is provide helpful information. All you can do is avail of the intelligence and use it in the appropriate way. Here, we present you some sections that can be found on the site with their slight descriptions. Depending on your gaming situation, targets and preferences, you can select which kind of data you need now.

IAGO Clubhouse

Our Clubhouse offer you both online and onsite venues for experiencing abstract strategy games. The present you a list of trusted places, where players can meet and enjoy the amusements. Using the registers for both kinds, you can find the one you need, as there are also descriptions provided. Herewith, we present you a Wiki page and Venue Guide to have a common understanding of the alternatives.

Records & Ranking Service

This service is to reveal the real state of affairs in tables and figures. Here, you can find individual and ladder ratings, that are based on the report info. Another useful page is with Registered Games, where you can find a list of amusements and read the rules and principles. Also, we present the Leaderboard for you to observe all the facts, with no promising or advertising expressions.

Pookies Advisor

Except for the rules and general idea, players also want to discover some winning ways and tips. For this very reason, we present our guide for you to avoid mistakes, save your time, energy and credits. Besides the tricks and useful steps described, we also help you find the right casino, make safe bets, pick a beneficial game, find out about all features, and gain benefits in the end.

Casino Strategies

Here, on the International Abstract Games Organization, we also take care of your leisure with some virtual casinos. That is why, we want to warn you about some shady conditions and terms. Look through the section to find out some extra ways and hacks for beating the gambling houses being online. The article is divided into game kinds, making the selection of the necessary tip easier.

We Are There For You

Of course, the articles on the International Abstract Games Organization site get updated, modified and changed. We also publish new reviews and informative surveys on occasion, referring to various topics and points.

Thus, we recognize that some items can be not so clear to you, arise some questions, hesitations, or there is a need to talk about something more detailed. Please, as soon as there is anything you want to tell us, contact our customer support through adam.andeerson@gmail.com email.

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