Bonus Features for Free Pokies

Modern free pokies are much more advanced than traditional ones of previous times. They are divided by topics, by the number of reels or winning combinations, and the most significant – special bonuses. Check the types of free pokies bonus features below.

Additional features not only make the game more interesting and exciting, but also greatly increase the size of total winnings. There are a lot of add-ons that can differ from one pokie to another, but we will show up the most typical ones, such as wilds, multipliers, scatters and so on.

Free Pokies Bonus Features

Wild Symbols

Many players believe that the biggest gains in video funs bring wild symbols. Their essence consists of the ability to replace all the other base ones, but they cannot substitute scatters. For example, if there are three of the same items on the reel line and a wild, you get a four symbols winning combo. That means your chances to succeed increase significantly.
Because of such a big influence on your wins, game developers create different types of wilds, and we’re going to take a look at them below.

Sticky Wilds

A sticky wild is a variation of wild symbols which remains in the same place for a few spins. Most often it appears during the free spin rounds. The emergence of several sticky wilds at the same time is also possible. In combination with other add-ons they are able to provoke the biggest wins.

Expanding Wilds

Another kind of wilds is called expanding. It can cover the whole reel vertically so that each other symbol turns to wild. With its help chances to have a winning line are huge.

Collapsing Wild Symbols

If a free pokies machine has such benefit as collapsing wild, then the gambler can win multitude times during one spin. Activating this bonus makes all winning symbols disappear and give a place to new symbols that can make more lucky lines. Many novelties in the gambling market have such offer.


Another great feature that can increase the size of your jackpot is multiplier. Such additional capacity usually appears in free spins or bonus rounds, also they can be trigged by wild symbols. It can double your bet or boost it up to 5X. With multiplier add you can win the biggest stakes possible in a particular fun.

Bonus Features in Free Pokies

Free Spins and Bonus Games

Special group of gaming add-ons consists of free extra-rounds, where you can earn more coins. Scatter symbol, we mentioned before, activates free spin, during which you multiply your jackpot without spending funds. It also can be triggered randomly.

One of the bet lovers’ biggest favorites is a bonus round. This additional game can be activated by different ways depending on the slot you play. The rules are also varying: it can contain prize wheels, guessing games, arcade and so on. All these things make your gamble more miscellaneous and captivating, and the amount of prize is growing before our eyes.

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