What are Multi-Ways Pokies?

Everybody probably knows about 243 ways free pokies. They are really simple, clear and convenient to use. However, the industry of online amusements is interested in the developing and attracting of new gamblers, so the novelty is that the number of winning combinations becomes higher. You have between 1024 and 3125 ways free pokies. Moreover, the symbols may form on different templates. Read our article about how it works and how to get a big benefit.

Winning combinations in free pokies

How Did They Form

Multi ways games are the successors of 3-reel and 5-reel ones. The first machine was widespread 243 ways, which has revolutionized the way of online entertainment because of various winning combinations instead of traditional paylines. Furthermore, players really liked the new game mode because they wanted more opportunities. Thus, to increase the player’s chances on big benefit and bring more excitement, 1024 and 3125 ways free slots were created.

About 1024 Ways to Win Pokies

Unlike other games, 1024 ones do not have paylines. When symbols on the screen create the beneficial result, you get bonuses and prizes. These machines are easy to recognize, because delights consist of five reels, each of them includes four symbols. Therefore, four symbols may be raised to the power of 5 equal 1024 winning schemes. Why do gamblers love these new multi ways funs? They propose more patterns and odds to hit a jackpot. Thrill seekers can link symbols in different manners across the five reels and that means more payoff. In addition, all slot machines have a payout table of symbols, that’s why the player can always find out how much he can win.
1024 Free Pokies

How to Play 1024

1024 ways entertainments are extremely similar to the ordinary ones, the principle of the game is stored unchanged. You need to find out exactly percentage of return of these pokies, because your income depends on this indicator. Moreover, you need to pay attention to the minimum rates. Since these machines do not allow to bet on each line separately, you bet on all winning schemes. Therefore, the introduction of the minimum stakes may allow you to calculate your bankroll to wait for a bonus game that can bring you a big prize. Additionally, because of the new method of forming winning combinations, wild and scatter symbols essentially increase chances to win. An ideal match of items is three scatters on the reel. This result provides a major award and gives the bonuses.

What is 3125-Ways Pokies

The developers produced five reel funs, with five symbols on each reel. Therefore, the formula is the same as in 1024 ways delights, but now looks like this 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 = 3 125 winning combos. Pretty attractive number of possible earnings.

Winning Ways in Free Pokies

How to Win with This Combination

It is a new concept and many software developers have not adopted it in their projects yet. However, the gameplay is simple and similar to the 243 and 1024 free pokies machines, but now you will get more than two thousands of additional odds to win.

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