Responsible Gambling

Gambling is a topic to discuss. Fortunately, the majority of players, whether they are online or offline, consider the pastime in the way it is supposed to be – this is a source of fun and a way of leisure. However, there are some casino runners, who crossed the line and got a wrong idea of the amusement – they may have some problems because of gambling.

As IAGO deals with abstract strategy games, we want all our users and visitors understand and see the only right view. The page and the tips presented here refer not only to those suffering from problem gambling or conducting risky actions. The tips are useful for everyone connected with games and real money stakes. Check the document and make sure that your condition is safe and conscientious.

Identifying a Problem

The initial thing to do being a casino member is to recognize your real attitude towards the pastime. Please, check the list of questions presented below and ask yourself, giving honest and precise answers.

  • Do you prefer a long gaming period to working or seeing your friends and relatives?
  • Does the stake size influence on your emotions, mood or excitement rate?
  • Do you consider the non-gambling periods of your days to be boring or uninteresting?
  • Do you feel like gambling helps you get rid of some problems, depression, bad feelings, etc?
  • Do you tell your friends or relatives you are busy today so that you can stay home and gamble instead?
  • Was there a situation when you told you won, though the session was losing?
  • Have you ever tried to implement some limitations about your gambling period or spending, and failed to keep to the boundaries?
  • Did it happen to you when you tried to win back the spent and lost credits?
  • Have you ever borrowed some money for gambling or been in debt due to the pastime?

Please, be alone when reading the list of questions, so that you can be sincere and provide true replies with no lies. Being serious and responsible at this stage, you make the first step to success.

Get Control Over the Situation

Having answered the above-mentioned points, you can see whether there is a problem. Please, don’t feel bad or ashamed in case the situation requires some interference. The greatest thing you can do is to realize that for you the leisure is not only fun anyone. Having a desire to change the situation, you can reach positive results very soon. Here is a guide how to monitor the problem if it exists.

  • Ask the person you trust the most (family members, close friends) to keep your money for a while. Or you should ask the trusty to help you create your budget plan.
  • Arrange some period free of gambling so that you can spend the money you saved for some presents for your family, your other hobbies, holidays, etc.
  • Using the casino tools, limit the amount of money and time you spend on gambling.
  • To see the progress more demonstrably, use a paper calendar and mark the days free of games.
  • If you see that nothing aids, you should take a self-exclusion period and stop gambling at all.

Casino Gambling Help

Online gambling houses also provide some tools to regulate your gameplay and make it safe. Check the options and use them if needed.

  • Use the Deposit Limit function for determining the sum of inputs made daily or weekly.
  • Check the history of your account actions and analyze which points were crucial and which led to success.
  • There are such resting period as a regular brake (1 day – 6 weeks) and a self-exclusion time (6 months – 5 years), within which your account stays open and you can enter it as the period ends.

Special Centers

Of course, there exist some professional organizations, which take care of problem gambling, deal with various stages of addiction, and more. You can turn to such services as BeGambleAware, Gamblers Anonymous, GamCare, and others.

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