How to Play Strategy Games or 46 Ways to Beat a Casino

Gambling amusements are the games of fortune. Luck plays a big role in casino activities. The gaming houses never give money for free; otherwise, they will rapidly go bankrupt. There is a popular opinion that betting rooms always make a profit and cannot be beaten. It is really true.

However, this truth works only for those players who stake randomly. On the other hand, the wise gamblers with a strategic vision will never drop an opportunity to use their abilities in action. In this text, you can find 46 recommendations; they will help you to become a winner more often. Generally, these strategy tips apply to both land-based and online staking houses. However, there are some features natural only for virtual casinos. We shall describe them as well.

Card Games

So, let’s start with the most prominent card games played all over the globe. They are Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat. Following our tips will give you even more chances to beat the betting house.

Blackjack Tips – Create Your Winning Strategy

Blackjack originates from the unknown game “twenty-one”. For the first time it was described by Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote. This activity, perhaps, suits to the notion of a strategy play the most. Your success depends on your skills, planning, and experience. Gamblers deal with a standard pack of cards.

blackjack strategies to beat casinos

The target is to reach 21 points in total. Picture cards have a value of 10 and the face ones have their original value. Ace is counted either as 11 or 1. 1 must be if the total number exceeds 21. Keep in mind that you play to win and nothing else.

An integral part of your session is the card counting. You should watch what cards are on the left side in a shoe and which ones are gone. However, it works only in land-based staking rooms. Forget about it while playing online. The websites use Random Number Generators (RNG) computing the outcomes of each turn.

Theoretical Part

The card counting allows you to know in which case your next hand is going to bring you the advantage over the casino. After the cards dealt, you have to add 1 to each of 2-6 and subtract 1 from each 10, Queen, King, Jack and Ace. 7-9 do not influence the value. So, if it is positive, then you have a good setup.

  • Also, always split aces to separate hands. Ace in your hand is a half of a blackjack, as you need only one additional picture card to win.
  • Double down your bet when your hand total is 11, accepting a case when the dealer’s up-card is Ace. It is worth in case your total is 10 and 9 if the croupier has either Ace or 10 in the first case and 3-6 in the second one. It can reduce the house edge.
  • When your total is 13, it is better to stand when the dealer shows 5. You are more likely to beat him. Do not hit, as you can easily go bust.

Practical Advice

Try to play at a crowded table. In this case, you will have an additional time to think of the game. Also, a casino will be less likely to detect you counting cards. Do not change your bets very often, as it can reveal you. Also, sidetrack the betting house’s attention.

Take a glass of water with an olive and let it think you drink a martini. Pretend to be drunk. And, be sure you can stop at the right time. Gaming houses usually make a profit from those who cannot stop and waste all their money.

If you play online, try to isolate yourself from various distractive things, for example, TV in the background. As virtual performance allows you to gamble in a quiet atmosphere, use this chance. Focus your attention.

Poker Hints

While searching some info about Poker, you will probably find lots of tips, guaranteed winning strategies and so on. But there are three extremely important rules for any player:

  • The first rule is to bluff wisely. Inappropriate bluffing can cause unwilling consequences. It may be more effective if there are few players and also works in case your opponent plays tight. Such gamblers usually try to avoid the complex situations – they are more likely to fold. But do not try it. Other gamers can figure out it.
  • Never gamble when you are tired, depressed or drunk. These factors will only disrupt you and your rational thinking.
  • Manage your funds. Keeping track of the bankroll will prevent unexpected money loss.

beat a casino playing poker

Baccarat Prompts

Despite certain similarities with a Blackjack gameplay, the Baccarat players are still more dependent on chance and luck. That is why the strategies are less effective in this case. However, still, some tips will be helpful for lovers of both online and brick and mortar casinos, especially when it comes to statistics and Math.

Pure Mathematics

There is one strategy you should know about. It is called Martingale. The sense is to double the bet every time you lost the previous one. In theory, it will help the next stake cover the losses. In practice, you will lose the whole capital exponentially. That is why, you should avoid it at all costs.

It is estimated that the card counting here is ten times less effective than in Blackjack. So, forget about it. However, if you still have a desire to do that, please pay attention to 4 and 6. The more fours out, the more chances a banker gets. And, if there are a lot of 6 out, then player will get higher chances.

Baccarat has one of the lowest house edge values in the industry. If you wager on “banker”, the percentage will be 1.06%. For a Player, it is 1.24%. However, each bet won from the banker is charged with 5% commission. You can get a lower commission. For instance, 4% will reduce the casino advantage to 0.6%.

baccarat tips to beat a casino

Although these features are quite beneficial, the game has relatively high minimum stake limits ($25-$50). Thus, always check for this condition before starting to play.


Different stake types have different win probability rate:

  • Banker – 45.85%
  • Player – 44.62%
  • Tie – 9.52%

And there is a Banker-Player strategy based on this statistics. The key principle is to ignore tie bet and place only on the first two types. It is estimated that 75% of all sessions with this plan are successful.

Also, do not try Mini-Baccarat. The dealers make over 120 hands per hour, which is extremely fast and hardly influences on the decisions we make. However, being in a brick & mortar room, you will not always be able to choose the preferable variation. On the other side, in a virtual casino, you can take control of the speed of both mini and common versions.

Dice Games

If you love gambling but hate cards, you can try dice games – Craps and Sic Bo, for example. They are both interesting and exciting. However, to successfully play them, it’s better to follow our tips described below. Skills accompanied by luck bring great results. Keep in mind that while playing online, you cannot rely on cubes throwing skills. The virtual gaming houses use RNGs which determine how the bones will fall.

Win at Sic Bo

beat a casino playing sic bo

Sometimes Sic Bo players bet on rare variations hoping to win big. That is clear as the payoff equals 150 or even 18 to 1. This means that even if you wagered at least $5, you would earn $900. But the chances to get this are less than a half of percent. That is why it is completely useless to place bets on such combinations.
The strategy plays the main role in this game. Plan your actions, watching forward and count on the results over the long term.

Beat the Craps

Craps also offer some tricky bets. You have to avoid the following stakes because of very high house edge (from 9 to 16.6 %): Big 6, 8; Hardway, Hardway 4, 6, 10; Any craps; single numbers 2, 3, 7, 11, 12; Yo (11); Hi-Lo. The next thing you have to master is a specific throwing technique. Many players consider it to be an important part of their gameplay.

play craps to beat a casino

Firstly, take the dice with your thumb and middle finger, the threes on the top of two cubes must form “V”. This formation excludes the combination of 7 on the sides of the cubes. Then you should throw them smoothly so as they start rolling after landing. In this case, they will not bounce in a random direction, but land slightly on the surface. It takes a lot of practice time, so be patient. However, remember that while playing online, you cannot rely on this technique.

Games for a Good Luck

This part tells you about the games in which luck predominates. Players mostly rely on their fortune. You cannot predict such activities as Roulette or Slots, or Bingo with a real level of precision. The number of possible outcomes increases intensively in sports betting, too. If you planned everything perfectly, there would always be the chance of unexpected event (a sudden rain during the football match, for example).

Roulette Advice

The gaming strategies hardly work in case of Roulette. Each number (1 of 37 including zero) has a probability of 2.7%. However, you can still improve your results due to the game variations and some other things we are going to describe.

  • Among variations, choose the European one. It has two times lower house edge in comparison to American variant. Moreover, you can have more opportunities to win while playing this type as it is a single-zero (it does not have an extra green-slot in a wheel).
  • Memorize what numbers and colors hit often, and what hits rarely. It may help you a bit.
  • It is worth placing on zero, as it can hit a few times.

roulette strategy to win at casino


Slots are those machines which we call one-armed bandits. They show the rows of symbols, and if they create a right order, you are lucky. Originally, the machine showed three reels and worked mechanically. Now you can play multi-reel games. You can gamble either with fruits or any other symbols featured by a particular gaming house.

We recommend you some tips for improving your experience in this gambling type. Before you step across the casino threshold, grasp that you can lose just everything. Be ready for that. These devices also use Random Number Generator. It means the outcome of each spin is completely UNPREDICTABLE.

slots tips to beat a casino

It is true for online casinos, too. It is impossible to build up a strategy according to the outcomes of the turns. Once again, there is no order. Your strategy is:

  • To take control over your bankroll. Determine the total amount that you are ready to waste. Then separate it into equal parts for each session you will play.
  • To determine whether you deal with II or III class device. If you see a Bingo card label on the corner of the screen, it is the second type. The turns are not random in this case. Avoid it. The outcomes in online variants are always accidental.
  • Do not play fast. The more times you turn, the more you should pay for the house edge. It can vary from 80% to 99%.

The Science of Bingo Strategy

You can save some time and energy by scanning the numbers back to front. In the beginning, just buy a couple of cards. They are easy to keep up. Those people with multiple blanks have been training doing that for their entire life.

play bingo and beat a casino

Another way to increase your chances is to compete with fewer participants. Thus, try to avoid rush hours. If you prefer virtual experience, then try to find a reputable website. There are a lot of scammers and you must be sure the session is truly fair. You can search for either the reviews or forums to get acquainted with the ratings of the casino brands.

Lottery Secrets

The chances are so low that it can be useless to implement any strategy. However, many players bet on lucky numbers. You can make a profit of it. These numbers are not lucky at all, each of them has the equal chances to win a reward. But, if many people stake on a particular number and get that prize, they will have to share the jackpot. Thus, avoid placing bets on “lucky” outcomes from 1-4, 7, 9, and 11. Second chance games matter. If your ticket didn’t make a hit first time, try it once again! Also, check for statistics, again, in order not to share the winnings.

Avoid scams. Frauds demand a payment that ensures you can take back the winnings. Do not send them any funds. They send these “invitations” to people who have never played a lottery at all.
Online lottery is more beneficial due to various promotions offered. They may be the new-player bonuses and free tickets, for example.

lottery secrets to beat casinos

Sports Betting

In sports betting, you need a maximum of your planning and knowledge. Luck plays a minor role here. Everything depends on your knowledge of a particular sport. The information about the conditions of each team is even more important. You are an investigator who collects data and estimates the chances of the teams. Understanding these things will help you be an investigator:

  • Money-lines are numbers of how much you can get if you place $100 and how much you have to wager to get $100. For instance, team A has a line of -100. It means you should wager 100 to earn the equal sum. A team B has a positive value of 200. This means you will get $200 from your hundred dollar stake. There is one secret of how to find the best value. You should register at several online sportsbooks and check on their offers. After finding the best line, you can bet.
  • Please, register your stakes, their odds, the outcome and the money you lost and won. It improves your betting discipline.
  • Realize that it is a long-term activity. Do not spread yourself too thin hoping to earn more in the near future. Choose the direction and master it. Yes, you will not make books too often, but their quality will become better.

sports betting for beating a casino

Turn the Game into Your Own Mainstream

Let us summarize the steps of how to be an excellent gamer:

  • Get rid of superstitions and stereotypes. Do not search any connections between independent events. Use a strategy and look into the future.
  • Concentrate your attention on one type of activities. Channel your efforts in one direction and you will become a professional.
  • Improve the gambling discipline. Be attentive, concentrated, and control your funds.
  • Keep calm. Keep your mind uncluttered.
  • Avoid sucker bets. The Martingale strategy is a vivid example.
  • Avoid alcohol, at all costs. Remember, nothing should prevent you from the clear thinking.
  • It is ideal to bet 1% of your total capital. Don’t forget that you always have a chance to fail, since you deal with high-risk activity. Split up your bankroll and spend it wisely.
  • Be ready to fail. Any gambler can experience a bad day.
  • You can improve your results only through practice. The more practice, the more success.
  • Ensure the online casino you play in is an honest, reliable and well-known operator. It must have a gambling license and be under a certain gambling jurisdiction.
  • Also, pay attention to software providers. The quality of your betting experience largely depends on the quality of the content.
  • Learn the terms & conditions of each website carefully. Such things as wagering requirements, deposit/withdrawal limits and promotions differ through the industry.
  • Pay attention to banking options when you play online. There is no chance to take your winnings just after you’ve decided to go home. That is why, payment methods matter.

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