Welcome to the IAGO wiki! While most information is available on the main website, a wiki is an excellent place to store dynamic documents. There is a read-only section containing official IAGO documents, but outside of that, users are invited to contribute.

Official Documents


  • Search – How To
  • A description of the various leaderboard statistics
  • How do I associate my IAGO ID with my IDs on the various sites?

IAGO Related Events and Activities

  • 2007 IAGO World Tour
  • 2008 IAGO World Tour List of Events
  • 2009 IAGO World Tour List of Events

Technical Documentation

  • Published Schemas
  • Procedure for Submitting Game Reports
  • Third-Party Raters
  • OAuth and “Verified” User IDs

Unofficial Space

IAGO Related Documents

  • Thompson’s criterion for a high-quality abstract strategy game
  • IAGO’s process of evaluating and accepting a game as an official IAGO abstract strategy game
  • IAGO’s definitions of abstract strategy games
  • IAGO Abstractness Rating system (IAR). Used to determine “abstractness” of a game
  • IAGO’s criterion for accepting a game as abstract and part of IAGO
  • Description of abstract strategy games, and other genres that are out of scope for IAGO
  • IAGO’s list of notation standards
  • IAGO’s list of standardized equipment names
  • Games that have been officially registered with IAGO
  • IAGO’s Master list of abstract strategy games
  • Reference list of books, articles and websites on abstract strategy games
  • Aaron’s alternative System for determining game acceptance by IAGO
  • Requirements Doc for IAGO Record and Ranking Service
  • Possible Game Taxonomy

IAGO Specific Games

  • The IAGO Framework for adapting an abstract strategy game to fit IAGO
  • The rules to the IAGO Chess System. Based on the IAGO Framework

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