Welcome to the IAGO Clubhouse

Interested in abstract strategy games? If so, the IAGO Clubhouse is for you.

Currently, you will be able to find online and offline venues for playing abstract strategy games. Coming soon will be an online chat feature, where you can meet to find people and play. Future plans call for additional features, such as: a discussion forum, a player matchmaking and ranking service, and other services for abstract strategy enthusiasts. In the mean time, if you are looking for an online community involving abstract strategy game players and enthusiasts, please visit the main IAGO forums.

For places to play online, visit the Online Venues page.

For a directory of physical venues to play at, visit the Physical Venues page.

If you are looking to discuss games at the IAGO Clubhouse now, and find people to play a particular game at a Clubhouse location, you can visit the IAGO forums or the IAGO live chatroom.

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