Online Venues

Looking for a way to play your favorite abstract strategy game against human opponents online? If so, check out these venues below. At these official IAGO Clubhouse sites, you are able to play over 900 different abstract strategy games.

Official IAGO Clubhouse Online Sites

Website Description This site is on everything Arimaa, and includes a game room where you can play the game online. Arimaa is an abstract strategy game, designed so that a computer would play it poorly, using current AI technology. is Richard’s Play-by-eMail Server. On this site, you can play over 200 different games, almost all of them abstract strategy games.
igGameCenter The igGameCenter hosts numerous classic and modern abstract strategy games. Noted games on this site include multiple games in these family of games: Checkers (Draughts), Mancala, Connection, Gomoku, Renju, and Pente.
Little Golem Little Golem is home to multiple abstract strategy games, both classic and modern. Included on it are these abstract strategy games: Amazons, Breakthrough, Chess, Connect6, Dots and Boxes, Dvonn, Go (on multiple sized boards), Gomoku, Hex (on multiple sized boards), Lines of Action, and Twixt PP.
MindSports MindSports consists of a mix of classic abstract strategy games, and modern ones designed by Christian Freeling, playable using applets by Ed van Zon. Currently, on this site, you can play: Bushka, Caïssa, Chad, Chess, Congo, Croda, Dameo, Dominions, Dragonfly, Emergo, The Glass Bead Game, Go, Grand Chess, Havannah, Hexade, Hexdame, Hexemergo, International Draughts (like Checkers, but on a larger board), Loonybird, MacBeth, Othello, Pente, Shakti, Shogi, Superstar, and Yari Shogi.
Not Chess Not Chess is the home of the chess variant “Not Chess”. Not Chess is a variant of chess on a larger board with some unique pieces. is THE reference website for everything on chess variants. is a companion site that enables the playing of hundreds of chess variants, and classic games like chess from the around the world, like Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) and Shogi, via its Game Courier system.
SuperDuperGames SuperDuperGames hosts over 100 different games, almost all of them are abstract strategy games, and a number unique to this site. If you hadn’t found an abstract strategy game somewhere else to play online, check here. SuperDuperGames has hosted multiple IAGO World Tour events.
VERSUS VERSUS is the home of the game VERSUS. Versus is an abstract strategy game where the objective is to score more points by occupying scoring areas in the middle of the board.
WTanaka Games This site is run by Wesley Tanaka. It has a range of games, including abstract strategy games such as Hex, Connect6, Volcano, and Yavalath. The site includes online chat, and games can be played either in real time or in a turn-based correspondence style.
Your Turn My Turn Your Turn My Turn has a number of modern and classic abstract strategy games. Games you can play on this site include: Backgammon, Castle Danger, Checkers, Chess, Connect Four, Dots and Boxes, Draughts (Checkers on 10×10 board), Go, Gomoku, Halma, Mill, Oware, Penguin (Hey! That’s My Fish), Pente, Rozenkonig (War of the Roses), Subulata, and Tablut.

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