Game: Alfred’s Wyke

ID: wyke
Name: Alfred’s Wyke
BGG Num: 37584
Description: Two player game where one plays the Builder, the other the Destroyer. Square tiles are place in 2×2 plots on a 4×4 grid. The object of the builder is to build up a set of two-story 2x2x2 “houses” (four in a row, four square or a majority) while the destroyer is trying to create the same array of empty plots. On each turn, the players select from a one-out-of-five tile placement or removal set (one on each of five different plots, one on each of one and two on one; two on two, three on one and one on one; four on one). Only three are available on any turn, as a player cannot pick one set that has been placed in the previous two turns. Once a plot is completely built or torn down, it is claimed by a player. The first player to claim four plots in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), four plots in a 2×2 square, have four more plots than his opponent, or to have claimed seven plots anywhere wins the game.
Reports: 42 total

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