About Us

The International Abstract Games Organization is a not-for-profit corporation, incorporated in the United States in New York. Its mission is to promote abstract strategy games of all types by acting as a coordinating body for abstract strategy games that currently have associations representing them, and as a sanctioning body for abstract strategy games that don’t.

The name IAGO (International Abstract Games Organization) was suggested by Bill Taylor on the usenet newsgroup rec.games.abstracts. The name IAGO is based on Shakespeare’s character Iago, who was noted for his cunning and scheming. IAGO, the association, seeks to embody and promote a form of play for abstract strategy play that captures the essense of strategy. Part of this experience involves promoting a true “war on a board” experience, creating tension and drama, and increasing excitement and interest in abstract strategy games.

IAGO would like to thank Scott (mindprint from the IAGO discussion forums), for creating and donating the logo that appears on the top left section of this page. IAGO would also like to thank Gary Gifford for the picture of the pieces to the right. Finally, IAGO sends a special thanks to Aaron Dalton for creating the look and feel for the pages on this site, like this one.

If you have any suggestions or any other thoughts related to our website please contact us via adam.andeerson38pxdc@gmailyaho.com. We are always open and happy to hear from our visitors!